- 12.1. KELIS "Tasty"

- 26.1.AIR "Talkie Walkie"

- 27.1. THE CURE četverostruki box-set "Join the Dots: B-Sides and Rarities, 1978-2001 (The Fiction Years)"

- 3.2. INCUBUS "A Crow Left Of The Murder"

- 9.2. EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN "Perpetuum Mobile"

- 10.2. COURTNEY LOVE "American Sweetheart"

- 16.2. THE STRANGLERS "Norfolk Coast"

- 1.3. MELISSA AUF DER MAUR "Followed The Waves"

- 23.3. LOU REED "Animal serenade" (2CD, live 2003.)

- 26.4.2004. EDO MAAJKA "No sikiriki" (Menart)

- 27.4. SLIPKNOT - novi album

- 17.5. CHARLATANS «Up In The Lake»

- lipanj: SONIC YOUTH "Nurse"



BJORK "The Lake Album"

URBAN "Merkur" (Croatia Records); EX PISTOLS (Dancing bear); CINKUŠI "Domestic vulgaris"; ZEUS FABER (Dinaton); LET 3 "Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka" (Dallas); MIZAR




- 28.1. ZWAN "Mary Star Of The Sea"; LOU REED "Raven"

- siječanj: ELEKTRIK BUTTSHAPERZ singl "Better Working People" (Anubis Records)

- 3.2. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Nocturama" (singl "Bring It On" izlazi 17. 2.); BLACK BOX RECORDER "Passionoia"; GUANO APES "Walking On A Thin Line"

- 10.2. MASSIVE ATTACK "100th Window" (singl "Special Cases" sa Sinead O'Connor izlazi 24. 2.); WE'RE A HAPPY FAMILY - A TRIBUTE TO THE RAMONES

- 17.2. MINISTRY "Animositisomina"; JUSTIN SULLIVAN (New Model Army) "Navigating By The Stars"
- 18.2. THE DIRTY THREE "She Has No Strings Apollo" (Touch And Go)

- 21. 2. ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION "Enemy Of The Enemy"

- 3.3. Siouxsie & The Banshees "Live" - TBC; ANGELS OF LIGHT "Everything Is Good/Please Come Home"

-10.3. MC HONKY (E iz EELS) "I Am The Messiah"

- ožujak: - KRISTIN HERSH "The Grotto";
THROWING MUSES " Throwing Muses "

- 24.3. SPIRITUALIZED "The Complete Works vol.1"; PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts"; PORTISHEAD "Alien"; CARDIGANS "Long Gone Before Daylight"

14. 4.PIPS CHIPS & VIDEOCLIPS "Drveće i rijeke" (Menart)


- 21.4. MADONNA "American Life"

- 22.4. FLAMING LIPS "Fight Test EP"
- 28.4. MARTIN LEE GORE "Counterfeit 2"
- 29.4. MARS VOLTA
- 4. JAYHAWKS "Rainy Day Songs"

- 5.5. BLUR " Think Tank"

- 20.5. DEFTONES "The Late Great Planet Earth"
- 21.5. THE BASTARDZ "Chronological" (2fonkee/Memphis)

- svibanj: MARILYN MANSON "The Golden Age Of Of Grotesque"

- 2.6. BARE I PLAĆENICI "7" (Croatia records); ŠO!MAZGOON "Velegradele" (Aquarius); EROS "9"
- 3.6. JEWEL "0304"; EELS "Shootananny!"; FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE "Welcome Interstate Managers"

- 9.6.
THE FALL "Country on the Click" (Action Records);
RADIOHEAD "Hail to the thief"; METALLICA "St. Anger"; SKIN "Fleshwounds"; GRANDADDY "Sumday"; ANNIE LENOX "Bare"

- 17.6. TRICKY "Vulnerable"
- 19.6. STEREOPHONICS "You Gotta Go There To Come Back"
- 23.6. THE MARS VOLTA "De-Loused In The Comatorium"; PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE "Radio Dubrava" (Dallas)

- 14.7. MANIC STREET PREACHERS 2 CD kompilacija "Lipstick Traces (A Secret History Of The Manic Street Preachers)"
- 22.7. JANE'S ADDICTION "Strays"
- 28.7. KILLING JOKE "Killing Joke"

- 4.8. WEEN "Quebec" (Sanctuary)
- 11.8. KOSHEEN "Kokopelli" (Arista)
- 18.8.BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Take them on, on your own"
- 19.8. GUIDED BY VOICES "Earthquake Glue" (Matador)

- 25.8. GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI "Sleep/Holiday" (Sanctuary)

- rujan: MUSE "Absolution"

- 8.9. FUN LOVIN CRIMINALS "Welcome To Poppy's" (Sanctuary); JOAN BAEZ "Dark Chords On A Big Guitar" (Sanctuary); SPIRITUALIZED "Amazing Grace" (Sanctuary); IAN BROWN "Under The Influence" (DMC); ZZ TOP "Mescalero" (RCA);
- 8.9. LAIBACH "WAT" (Mute records)

- 15.9. DAVID BOWIE "Reality";
15.9. BOLESNA BRAĆA "Radio fanfara (Menart); KYLIE MINOGUE "Greatest Hits" (PWL); ARETHA FRANKLIN "So Damn Happy" (Arista)

- 22.9. LIVING COLOUR "Collideoscope" (Sanctuary); TRICKY "Back To Mine" (DMC); CESARIA EVORA "Voz D'Amour (RCA); OUTKAST "Speakerboxx/The Love Bellow" (Arista)

- 23.9. LIMP BIZKIT "Results May Vary"
- 29.9. IGGY POP "Skull ring" (Dallas); DIDO "Life For Rent" (Cheeky); PEARL JAM - July 9 03# 67 New York (SONY/DOTC)

- 6.10. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" (Rough Trade); BLONDIE - THE CURSE OF BLONDIE (SONY/DOTC); STING "Inside: Songs of Sacred Love" - DVD (Aquarius); 2PAC "Death Row Presents: Nu Mixx Klazzics" (Aquarius); UNKLE "Never Never Land" (Aquarius); ELTON JOHN "Greatest Hits" reizdanje (Aquarius); LUDACRIS "Chicken & Beer" (Aquarius)

- 20.10. ORBITAL "Octane" (soundtrack); SUEDE "SINGLES" (SONY/DOTC); VLADO KRESLIN "Generacija"; JAMES BROWN "Soul Survivior" - DVD (Aquarius)
- 21.10. VAN MORRISON " What`s Wrong With This Picture?"
- 27.10. STROKES "Room on Fire"; UNDERWORLD "Underworld 1992 - 2002"; JONNY GREENWOOD (RADIOHEAD gitarist) "Bodysong (soundtrack)"; BASEMENT JAXX "Kish Kash"
- 28.10. R.E.M. "In Time (best of)"

- 4.11. P.O.D. "Payable On Death"
- 10.11. PINK "Try this!"
- 11.11. PEARL JAM "Lost Dogs" + DVD "Live In The Garden"
- 17.11. KYLIE MINOGUE "Body Language"; BRITNEY "Get In The Zone"
- 18.11. THE FLAMING LIPS "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell" (EP)"; RATM "Live at the Olympic Auditorium" (CD/DVD)
- 25.11. KORN "Take A Look In The Mirror"
- 28.11. JAY Z "Black Album"

- 2.12. ALICIA KEYS "The diary of Alicia Keys



- 14.1.2002. H-BLOCKX "Get In The Ring"
- 22.1.2002. FIELDY'S DREAM "Rock 'N' Roll Gangster" (ex KORN)
BAD RELIGION "The Process Of Belief"
NINE INCH NAILS "And All That Could Have Been (live)" (UNI/INTERSCOPE)

- 29.1. 2002. CHEMICAL BROTHERS "Come With Us"

- 14.2.2002. LAMBCHOP "Is a woman"
- 18.2. (ili 4.3.) 2002. MARIANNE FAITHFULL "Kissin' time"
18.2.2002. NEW MODEL ARMY "Lost Songs"(2CD)
- 19.2. 2002. JOEY RAMONE "Don't You Worry About Me"; AIR "Everybody Hertz" (remix-kompilacija)
- 25.2.2002. ALANIS MORISSETTE "Under Rug Swept" (Maverick)
- 26.2. 2002. HANSON BROTHERS "My Game"; GORILLAZ "G-Sides";
HANSON BROTHERS "My Game" (Mint Records); WU-TANG KILLA BEES "The Sting"

- 4.3. THE CHIEFTAINS "The Wide World Over"
- 5.3. ECHOBRAIN "Echobrain";

-11.3. BELFAST FOOD " Melodije Irske i Kvarnera"; CELINE DION "A new day has come"; STIFF LITTLE FINGERS "Anthology" (3CD)
-12.3. MORCHEEBA "What New York Couples Fight About" (singl); BOBBY McFERRIN "Beyond The Words"

- 18.3. GOMEZ "In our gun"

- 19.3. KMFDM "Attak"; MINISTRY "Sphinktour" (live album); OL' DIRTY BASTARD " The Trials & Tribulations Of Russell Jones"
- 26.3. NEIL YOUNG "Are you passionate?"; SPARTA (ex At The Drive-In) "Austere" (EP)
- 27.3. SE X PISTOLS "God Save The Queen" (reizdanje)

- 1.4. PET SHOP BOYS "Release"; SILVERCHAIR " Diorama"; "You Don`t Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right" (Geographic) - kompilacijski album na kojem sudjeluju: Kevin Shields (MBV) s pjesmom "Outro" i SISTER VANILLA (braća reid iz JAMC) s pjesmom "Pastel Blue"

- 2.4. CORNERSHOP "Handcream For A Generation"; MARS VOLTA Tremulant (E.P.)

- 8.4. SHERYL CROW"C'mon, C'mon"; BADLY DRAWN BOY "About Boy" (SOUNDTRACK)
- 9.4. GOO GOO DOLLS "Gutterflower"
- 15.4. BRYAN FERRY "Frantic"
- 23.4. 2002. WILCO "Hotel Foxtrot" (Nonesuch); ELVIS COSTELLO "When I Was Cruel"
- 24.4. PETER MURPHY "Dust"
- 29.4. DOVES " The Last Broadcast"

- travanj: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Plastic Fang"; LAURYN HILL "Unplugged" (dupli CD);

- 4.5. VAN MORRISON " Down The Road" (Universal)



- 7.5. TOM WAITS "Alice" (prvotno: "Red drum")

- 7.5. TOM WAITS "Blood Money"


- 11.5. Steroid Maximus (FOETUS) "Ectopia"
- 13.5. TRICKY "Tricky, A Ruff Guide To..."; THE DAMNED: kompilacija "Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987", GENERAL WOO "Takozvani" (Menart)
- 14.5. MOBY "18"; WEEZER "Maladroit"; KORN "Untouchables" (Sony Music); GIRLS AGAINST BOYS "You Can't Fight What You Can't See" (Jade Tree records)

- 20.5. THE BREEDERS "Titel TK"


- 27.5. EMINEM "The Eminem Show"

- svibanj 2002. FLAMING LIPS "Yoshimi Vs. The Pink Robots"; THE PRODIGY "Outnumbered, never Outgunned" (?); TRANS AM "T.A." (Thrill Jockey)

- proljeće - DIAMANDA GALAS "Defixiones", "Serpenta", jesen - "Insekta"

- 3.6. Belle And Sebastian "Storytelling" (glazba za film Todda Solondza)
- 4.6. JAMC "21 Singles"
- 6.6. PRIMAL SCREAM - novi album
- 10.6. DARKO RUNDEK "Ruke" (Menart)

- 11.6. DAVID BOWIE "Heathen" (Columbia)


- 11.6. KORN "Untouchables"


- 18.6. GUIDED BY VOICES "Universal Truths And Cycles" (Matador); PAPA ROACH "Lovehatetragedy"
- 24.6.
RHCP singl "By The Way"; PAUL OEKENFOLD "Bunkka"
- 25.6. SOULFLY "III:Enterfaith".

- lipanj: GUSTAFI "Minimum"; OASIS "Heatheen Chemistry"

- 1.7. MORCHEEBA "Charango" (4. album); PRODIGY "Baby's Got A Temper" (singl); GORAN BREGOVIĆ "Tales and songs from weddings and funerals" (Dallas)

- 2.7. SONIC YOUTH "Murray Street" (Geffen)

- 8.7. RHCP "By The Way" (album)

- 29.7. BETH ORTON "Daybreaker"
- 30.7. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "The Rising"; FILTER "Amalgamut"; FEAR FACTORY "Concrete"

- srpanj: MACY GRAY "The Trouble Being Myself"; DAVE MATTHEWS BAND "Busted Stuff"

- polovica 2002. - JARBOE "The Men CD"; SHAUN RYDER "Clowns And Pet Sounds"

- kolovoz: PUBLIC ENEMY "Revolverlution"; MUDHONEY novi album (Sub Pop)

- 5.8. Amorphous Androgynous (THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON) "The Isness".
- 13.8. SPARTA "The Wiretap Scars"
- 26.8. COLDPLAY "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"; FRANK BLACK "Black Letter Days" + "Devil's Workshop"
- 27.8. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "Songs For The Deaf"; AIMEE MAN "Lost in space"

- 2.9. THE MUSIC "The Music"; BARRY ADAMSON (ex-Magazine, ex-N. Cave & The Bad Seeds) "The King Of Notting Hill",
- 3. 9. BJORK "Best of"
- 2.9. GORDON GANO (ex Violent Femmes) "Hitting The Ground"
- 9.9. ASH "Intergalactic Sonic 7's" (kompilacija, 2CD-a)
-10.9. RUN DMC "Greatest Hits"
- 16.9. DEATH IN VEGAS "Scorpio Rising"; JOHN SQUIRRE (ex Stone Roses) "Times Changes Everything"; PAUL WELLER "Illumination"
- 17.9. MACHINE HEAD "Machine Head: Live At Brixton"; DOUG MARTSCH (ex BUILT TO SPILL) "Now You Know"
- 21. 9. PETER GABRIEL "Up"
- 23. 9. OASIS singl "Little By Little/She Is Love"
- 24.9. UNDERWORLD "A 100 Days Off"; BECK "Sea Change" (Geffen/Interscope); MARILYN MANSON "Guns, God and Goverment" DVD; INDIA ARIE "Voyage to India"

- 23.9. CUBISMO "Jungle salsa" (Aquarius)
24.9. WALLFLOWERS "Red letter days"

-30.9. ROLLING STONES "Forty Licks"; SUPERGRASS "Life On Other Planets"; SOFT CELL "Cruelty Without Beauty"

- rujan: SUEDE "A new morning" (Subject To Nicotine Stains); A PERFECT CIRCLE, LINKIN PARK...

- 7.10. SAINT ETIENNE "Finisterre"; GRAHAM COXON (ex BLUR) "A New Morning" (Transcopic); FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM "Fallen"
- 8.10. J MASCIS "Free So Free"; BON JOVI "Bounce"; HENRY ROLLINS "Rise Above" (kompilacija "zatvoreničkih pjesama)
- 14.10. STEREOLAB "ABC Music: The Complete Radio One Sessions"; PARADISE LOST "Symbol Of Life" (G.U.N/BMG Records); THE DELGADOS "Hate"
- 15.10. LL COOL J "Ten"; SANTANA "Shaman"
- 21.10. RICHARD ASHCROFT "Human Conditions"; Add N To (X) "Loud Like Nature"
- 22.10. FOO FIGHTERS "Ony By One"; DAVID BOWIE "Best of Bowie"
- 28.10. SUICIDE "American supreme"; SIGUR ROS '()'; MSP "Forever Delayed" (best of s 2 nove pjesme: "Door To The River" i budući singl "There By The Grace Of God" koji izlazi 14.10. Uz prvu tiražu ide i bonus CD sa remiksima.

- listopad: THIRD EYE BLIND "Crystal Baller"

- 4.11. BADLY DRAWN BOY "Have You Fed The Fish"; THE STONE ROSES "The Very Best Of The Stone Roses"; TEENAGE FANCLUB (kompilacija, s 3 nove pjesme); WHITNEY HOUSTON "Just Whitney"

- 5.11. DAVID BOWIE "Best of Bowie" DVD; RAMONES TRIBUTE "We're A Happy Family"; JOHNNY CASH "American IV: The Man Comes Around"; SMOG "Accumulation None" (kompilacija singlova)
-11.11. Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Yangui U.X.O."; ELTON JOHN "Greatest Hits 1970-2002"
- 12.11. PEARL JAM "Riot Act"
- 18.11. ROBBIE WILLIAMS "Escapology"
- 19.11. AUDIOSLAVE "Audioslave"; MUDWAYNE "The End Of All Things To Come"; DEFTONES "Lovers" (Maverick)
- 26.11. KELLY OSBOURNE "Shut Up"
-27.11. SYSTEM OF A DOWN "Steal This Album"

- 9.12. DIVAS "Bon Appetit" (Menart)

- do kraja 2002.:
MASSIMO (Aquarius); VATRA "Anđeo s greškom" (Dallas); MARILYN MANSON "The Golden Age Of Grotesque"; GEGENSCHULTER BAND (Ivica Kostelić, Truli, Pišta i drugi) "Užas je naša furka; BETH GIBBONS "Out Of Season"; BONNIE "PRINCE" BILLY "Master And Everyone"; ...





- 6.3. 2001.KRISTIN HERSH "Sunny Border Blue" (4AD)


"Group Sounds" (Vagrant)


KRAFTWERK "Expo Remix" (Astralwerks)
BLAKE BABIES (+ JULIANA HATFIELD) "God Bless the Blake Babies" (Zoe Records)
- 12.3. AEROSMITH "Just Push Play"
- 13.3. DAFT PUNK "Discovery" (Virgin)

- 19.3. MANIC STREET PREACHERS "Know your enemy" (Epic)

- 20.3.
Saint Etienne: Interlude (Sub Pop)
The Cranberries: Bury the Hatchet - The Complete Sessions (Island)
Black Box Recorder: The Facts of Life (Jetset)
Sepultura: Nation (Roadrunner)

- 27.3. Pearl Jam: Domestic Bootlegs: Second Leg (Epic)
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals: Live From Mars (Virgin)
Wayne Kramer: Beyond Cyberpunk! (MusicBlitz Records)
SHAWN COLVIN "Whole New You" (Columbia Records)

- 2.4. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS "No more shall we part",


- 3.4. Guided by Voices: Isolation Drills (TVT)
Crash Test Dummies: I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (Cha-Ching/V2)
Rammstein: Mutter (Republic/Universal)
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Live in New York City (Columbia)
Run-D.M.C.: Crown Royal (Profile/Arista)

- 9.4. STEREOPHONICS "Just Enough Education To Perform"
- 10.4.
Monster Magnet
: God Says No (A&M)
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS "No more shall we part" (USA)
Red House Painters: Old Ramon (Sub Pop)
Mojave 3: Out of Tune (4AD/Beggars Banquet)
Les Claypool: Live Frogs - Set 1 (Prawn Song)
Anne Sofie von Otter Meets Elvis Costello: For the Stars (Deutsche Grammophon)

- 17.4.
David Gray: Lost Songs 95-98 (ATO Records/RCA/iht)
The Silos: Laser Beam Next Door (Checkered Past Records)
Firewater: Psychopharmocology (Jetset)

- 24. 4. MOGWAI "Rock Action"
Girls Against Boys: Series 7 Soundtrack (Koch).
DEPECHE MODE "Dream On" - singl

- 30.4. R.E.M. 'Imitation Of Life' E.P.

- 1.5.Ocean Colour Scene: Mechanical Wonder (Ark 21)

- 8.5. David Byrne: Look Into the Eyeball (Luaka Bop/Virgin)

The Black Crowes: Lions (V2)
Violet Indiana: Roulette (Bella Union)
Natacha Atlas: Ayeshteni (Beggars Banquet)

- 14.5. R.E.M "Reveal"




The Cowboy Junkies
: Open (Zoe/Rounder)

Depeche Mode
: Exciter (Reprise)


- 22.5. Echo & the Bunnymen: Flowers (spinART)
Low + Dirty Three: In the Fishtank (Konkurrent/Touch and Go)
Portastatic: Looking For Leonard OST (Merge)
Mark Eitzel: The Invisible Man (Matador)
Calexico: Even My Sure Things Fall Through (Quarterstick)

- 29.5. Air: 10,000 Hz. Legend (Source/Astralwerks)

Everything but the Girl
: Back to Mine (Ultra)
Goo Goo Dolls: What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce (1987-2000) (Warner Bros.)

- 4.6. RADIOHEAD "Amnesiac" (singl "Pyramid Song" 21.5.)




The Cult: Beyond Good and Evil (Atlantic)
INXS: Shine Like It Does (1979-1997): The INXS Anthology (Rhino/Atlantic)
J.J. Cale: Live (Back Porch/Narada)
Manu Chao: Proxima Estacion: Esperanza (Virgin Records America)
Steve Wynn: Here Come the Miracles (Down There)
Lucinda Williams: Essence (Lost Highway)
Trisha Yearwood: Inside Out (MCA Nashville)
Sean Combs and Hezekiah Walker: Thank You (Bad Boy/Arista)
Blue Oyster Cult: Curse of the Hidden Mirror (CMC Int'l)

- 12.6. Travis: The Invisible Band (Indpendiente/Epic)


BLINK-182: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (MCA)
16 Horsepower: Hoarse (Checkered Past)

- 19.6. Perry Farrell: Song Yet to Be Sung (Virgin)
Dave Navarro: Trust No One (Capitol)
Gorillaz: Gorillaz (Virgin)
Stone Temple Pilots: Shangri-La Dee Da (Atlantic)
Ministry: Greatest Fits (Warner Bros.)
Pennywise: Land of the Free? (Epitaph)
Sisqo: Return of Dragon (Def Jam/Def Soul)
Afro Celt Sound System: Volume 3: Further in Time (Real World Records)

- 9.7. DAVID BOWIE "All Saints"
- 16.7. THERAPY "Gimme Gimme Gimme (Back My Brain)" (EP)
- 17.7. SOFT ROCK RENEGADES "Choreographed Man O'War"

- 21.8.2001. LAURIE ANDERSON "Life On A String" (WEA / ATLANTIC / NONESUCH)


- 21.8.
"Nice" (Sanctuary Records)

- 27.8. SLIPKNOT "Iowa"

- 27.8. NEW ORDER "Get ready"

- 27.8. BJORK "Vespertine"


- 27.8. MERCURY REV "All is dream"



- 9. THERAPY "Shameless"
- 3.9. THE FALL "Present" (EP)
JAMIROQUAI "A Funk Odyssey"

-10.9. SPIRITUALIZED "Let It Come Down"

- 11.9. BOB DYLAN "Love And Theft"
THE FALL "Backdrop"
- 17.9. GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI "How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart

- 18.9. CURVE "Gift" (BMG/ARISTA)

"Strange Little Girls";

- 1.10. GARBAGE "Beautiful Garbage"
- 15.10. OZZY OSBOURNE "Down To Earth"

- 16. 10. LEONARD COHEN "Ten New Songs"

- 22. 10. PULP "We Love Life"


- 23.10. INCUBUS "Morning View"

- 30.10. MICHAEL JACKSON "Invincible" (Epic/Sony)"

- 30.10. LENNY KRAVITZ "Lenny"

- 5.11. THE FALL "Are You Are Missing Winner" (Cog Sinister)



"White Lillies Island "
OCEAN COLOUR SCENE "Songs For The Front Row"
PINK FLOYD "Echoes (best of)"

- 12.11. PAUL McCARTNEY "Driving Rain"

-13.11. JEWEL "This way";



"I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings";

"International Superhits!"

- 19.11. SMASHING PUMPKINS "Rotten Apples"

MICK JAGGER "Goddess in the Doorway"


- 27.11. BUSTA RHYMES "Genesis"

- 10.12. NO DOUBT "Rock Steady"
BAMBI MOLESTERS "Sonic bullets - 13 from the hip" (Dancing bear)

- 15.12. ZABRANJENO PUŠENJE "Bog vozi mercedes" (Menart)

- 17.12. WU-TANG CLAN
"Iron flag"